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Welcome to the LIFE Center video and media collection. Parts of this collection are available for online viewing and are tagged “Watch Online Now.” Materials available for online viewing only within the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago are tagged “Watch Online at RIC.” Scroll down and use the filter on the right to search for material by health condition or primary topic area.
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2004 Paralympics - Athens 2004 Paralympics - Athens
Access to the Parthenon!
Geia sas from Komotini, Greece:

I am now in northern Greece in my father's town of Komotini.
October 2004 Presentation
2004 Paralympics - Passing the Torch! 2004 Paralympics - Passing the Torch!Hello my dear torchbearer friends!!
The torch relay experience was incredible.
Reviewed August 2007 Presentation
23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health? Click on the link below for an intriguing use of multimedia to impart a simple and important health message. Reviewed March 2014 Streaming VideoWatch Now
Access Living Lead On Awards 2009 - Henry B Betts, MD Reviewed January 2015 Video - DVDWatch Online at RIC
Access Living Lead On Awards 2009 - Senator Edward Kennedy Reviewed March 2016 Video - DVDWatch Online at RIC
Acoustic Rendition - “Breathe” - music videoPerformed by Anna NalickThis mellow acoustic rendition of the song “Breathe”, performed by Anna Nalick, provides a soothing opportunity for stress relief. Reviewed September 2010 Streaming VideoWatch Now
Adaptive Sports Center Crested Butte - ColoradoLooking for a family adventure with adaptive recreation? Check out the Adaptive Sports Center in Crested Butte, Colorado for exciting Summer and Winter programs. Reviewed June 2011 Streaming VideoWatch Now
Advanced Functional Exercise Approach Advanced Functional Exercise ApproachAdvanced Functional Exercise Approach consists of common functional exercises prescribed after performing a kinetic chain evaluation. Reviewed March 2016 Video - DVDWatch Online at RIC
Air Travel Tips for People with DisabilitiesView this presentation for the latest information on traveling by airplane for persons with disabilities. Reviewed September 2014 Presentation
ALS - Living With ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) Reviewed March 2016 Streaming VideoWatch Now
American Sign Language Learning System American Sign Language Learning SystemAmerican Sign Language Learning System comprises 3 dvd's that cover:
--Getting Started
--Say It By Signing
--American Sign Language Dictionary.
Reviewed March 2016 Video - DVD
Americans with Disabilities Act 25th Anniversary Celebration Video from Google Impact ChallengeGoogle’s Impact Challenge: Disabilities video features interviews with leaders of the disability rights movement. A celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Reviewed July 2015 Streaming VideoWatch Now
Amputee Coalition of America Videos and Patient Education Materials (downloads)This organization is a national, non-profit coalition that provides amputee education to persons who have a congenital or acquired limb loss, their families, and professionals. Reviewed July 2015 Streaming VideoWatch Now
Amputee: Above-Knee AmputationA Guide to RehabilitationAbove the Knee Amputation : A Guide to Rehabilitation is the dvd version of the printed book. Reviewed March 2016 Video - DVD
Aphasia Journeys - A loss of WORDS, not INTELLIGENCEPerformed by members of the popular aphasia classes run by the RIC Center for Aphasia Research and Treatment, this video explores what it means to have aphasia. Through the metaphor of an “aphasia journey,” performers write and speak about the experience of aphasia. Reviewed July 2014 Streaming VideoWatch Now
Possibilities, Disabilities and the Arts Arts: Possibilities, Disabilities and the Arts Reviewed March 2014 Video - DVD
assessment of communication disorders in adults Assessment of Communication Disorders in Adults Reviewed September 2016 Book
Awakening: Becoming a Brain Tumor ThriverReversal: When a Therapist Becomes a PatientView these two videos and RIC staff inservice presentation about the journey of Eric Anthony Galvez who used his expertise as a physical therapist after he was confronted with a brain tumor. He survived and thrived following surgery, radiation therapy, and making a new life as the ”New Galvez.” Reviewed March 2012 Streaming VideoWatch Now
AXIS dance AXIS Dance Company : Video DemoDVD of choreography from the AXIS Dance Company, which features dance by people with and without disabilities. Reviewed April 2016 Video - DVD
back in life Back in LifeMoving on after Spinal Cord Injury Reviewed March 2016 Streaming VideoWatch Now
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