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Awakening: Becoming a Brain Tumor Thriver

Reversal: When a Therapist Becomes a Patient

Reviewed March 2012
Producer: Eric Anthony Galvez , DPT
View these two videos and RIC staff inservice presentation about the journey of Eric Anthony Galvez who used his expertise as a physical therapist after he was confronted with a brain tumor. He survived and thrived following surgery, radiation therapy, and making a new life as the ” New Galvez.”

After surviving a brain tumor diagnosis and treatment, Eric Galvez, DPT, decided that he had “the perfect opportunity to rally (his) supporters against a disease that affects so many unsuspecting people! Follow his journey from young physical therapist to brain tumor patient to brain tumor survivor to brain tumor "thriver" in the video“Awakening: Becoming a Brain Tumor Thriver.”

Eric Galvez found out that “life can take unexpected turns when you least expect it” after he was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2005 just months after his 30th birthday. In the video, “Reversal: When a Therapist Becomes a Patient,” he recounts his path from completing his physical therapy training to having his own survivor posse, to entering charity 5K runs. And along the way, the New Galvez utilized hippotherapy, yoga, and began writing and doing speaking engagements. He also founded mAssKickers--This Ain’t No Pity Party to bring awareness to young individuals who are dealing with cancer.

Dr. Galvez presented an RIC staff inservice entitled “Role Reversal: When a Therapist Becomes a Patient; Brain Tumors and Young Adult Survivorship in Rehabilitation” on Feb. 7, 2012. View the powerpoint presentation on this page.

Location Information
Company: mAss Kickers Foundation
Address: 1950 Camino De La Reina #312
San Diego, CA 92108
Direct: 610-260-1228
Facebook: http://about.me/eric.galvez
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mAssKickers
Web: www.masskickers.org

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