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Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago: LIFE Center
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago: LIFE Center

Emerging Leaders

Internship and Leadership Program for Students with Disabilities

Reviewed September 2016
Emerging Leaders is a unique program, offering a win-win situation for employers and college students with disabilities.

The program helps college students with disabilities find and secure internship and leadership opportunities; helps corporate and nonprofit employers find outstanding young talent for their business ventures, it helps managers understand the benefits of diverse hiring practices.

The group uses a careful screening process to match up employers and young talent.
Contact Information
Company: Emerging Leaders
Address: National Business and Disability Council at the Viscardi Center
201 IU Willets Rd.
Albertson, NY 11507
Direct: 516-465-1400
Email: info@viscardicenter.org
Web: http://www.emerging-leaders.com/

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