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Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago: LIFE Center
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago: LIFE Center


Be informed. Get connected. The LIFE Center strives to help you live life fully! Browse the largest source of information specific to people with physical disabilities. Locate disability organizations, government agencies, support groups, and health information on key areas of life. Browse our premiere collection of books, videos, magazines, and multimedia learning resources.

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Advancing Ability through Learning, Innovation, Family, Empowerment
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Recent News

Extreme Heat - Resources and Precautions from the CDC and Chicagoland Cooling Centers
Reviewed July 2016
Baby, it’s hot outside!

Travel: What to Expect from the TSA
Reviewed July 2016
This month’s What to Expect flyer covers things you need to know when you go to the airport.

RIC Free Webinar on Transitioning Back into the Community After a LIFE-Changing Event.
Event Date: August 3, 2016
The webinar features Jamee Heelan, OTR/L, RIC LIFE Center Educator and Occupational Therapist and Constantine “Gus” Zografopoulos, RIC peer mentor and former RIC patient.

Aphasia Classes for Summer/Fall 2016 at RIC
Reviewed June 2016
The classes run from July 14 through October 13, 2016 (14 weeks)

Disaster Distress Helpline - SAMHSA
Reviewed June 2016
People dealing with emotional distress from the Orlando shooting or any other disaster are encouraged to use the Disaster Distress Helpline.

Recent Resources

Reviewed July 2016
This video takes a close look at the drive to be “better than human” and the radical technological innovations that may take us there.

Dysphagia: Diet - Liquid Only Diet (download)
Reviewed July 2016
This diet consists only of liquids and foods that are normally liquid or turn into liquid at room temperature. All other foods should be avoided.

July 2016
Support and wellness organization for persons with spinal cord injurers.

Reviewed July 2016
DeafHealth.org provides health information in American Sign Language via videos.

Parkinson Disease: Fatigue and Sleep (Download)
Reviewed June 2016
Many people with Parkinson’s Disease experience fatigue throughout the day which may be the result of sleep problems.

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