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Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago: LIFE Center
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago: LIFE Center


Be informed. Get connected. The LIFE Center strives to help you live life fully! Browse the largest source of information specific to people with physical disabilities. Locate disability organizations, government agencies, support groups, and health information on key areas of life. Browse our premiere collection of books, videos, magazines, and multimedia learning resources.

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Advancing Ability through Learning, Innovation, Family, Empowerment
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Recent News

Limb Loss Awareness Month
Reviewed April 2014
April is Limb Loss Awareness Month. RIC and the LIFE Center have a variety of resources available for individuals with amputations, which affect more than 1.6 million persons in the U.S., and many more worldwide.

National Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month
April 1, 2014
April is National Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month. Here are the resources we are featuring this month.

Sled Hockey TEAM USA plays for GOLD in the Paralympics this Saturday, March 15!
Event Date: March 15
Sled Hockey TEAM USA (with THREE RIC players!) will play for the GOLD medal in the Sochi Paralympic games this Saturday, March 15.

RIC Aphasia Classes - Spring Session
Reviewed February 2014
Three new aphasia classes -- Book Club, Conversation Group, and You and YouTube Part 2 -- begin February 27 and continue through June 12, 2014 at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

Disability Community Applauds Presidential Executive Order on Sub-Minimum Wage
Reviewed February 2014
Advocacy and disability rights groups are applauding President Obama’s recent executive order that raises the minimum wage for federal workers and will include contractors and workers with disabilities.

Recent Resources

Reviewed April 2014
This website features products and services of interest to persons with a disability.

Military: Understanding Informed Consent: A Guide for Active Duty Military and Military Medical Beneficiaries (Download)
Reviewed April 2014
An informative guide on helping military families understand the informed consent process for medical treatment at home and during deployment has been produced by the American Health Lawyers Association.

Spinal Cord Injury - Touch the Sky
Reviewed March 2014
Teresa Nelson’s video about her own incomplete spinal cord injury.

Wheelchair Tai Chi
Reviewed March 2014
Video of wheelchair Tai Chi (Tai Ji) performed by a group in China.

Brain Injury 101
Reviewed February 2014
This video series, created by KPKinteractive for Shepherd Center and its project partners, uses simple language and images of real people who have sustained a brain injury, as well as medical experts and advocates.

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